We are a small family-run business

Lower Haydon Farm is a permanent home to a herd of approximately 150 Holstein dairy cows and in the winter months nearly 800 white and bronze turkey’s. Since 1986, the farm has developed a strong reputation in raising and delivering to our customers fresh, quality birds that cannot be found in any supermarket. We are also proud to be one of the largest turkey producers in the Mendips.

How the Turkey’s are raised:

All of our birds reach their maturity between 16 and 17 weeks old. They are delivered as chicks to our farm and from then on are pole barn reared in covered straw yards. Our low stocking rates mean that the birds have lots of space to move around like any free-range bird would. They experience natural heat and light and are fed a complete diet of wheat based concentrate. Lower Haydon Farm is a registered establishment with the local authorities and is committed to upholding the highest possible regulatory standards in regards to our produce.

We believe as a general rule of thumb for cooking your turkey; the oven should be preheated to 180 degrees celsius, you should allow your bird to cook for approximately 20 minutes / lb or 20 minutes / 0.45 kgs, and the bird should be covered in tin foil to avoid the skin from catching. Due to the way our birds our reared and their diet, they are self-basting. Therefore, we recommend that you turn the bird upside down halfway through the cooking process and allow it to rest in the oven on it’s breast for 40 minutes. This allows all of the juices to run through the bird and makes for a tasty turkey!

Every single bird is hand plucked and dressed by a team of skilled friends and relatives from the local farming community. These final stages of production happen within the last week or two before Christmas ensuring that your Turkey is completely fresh and of the highest quality standard possible.
  • “It’s the best turkey I’ve ever had with excellent service.  Genuine, happy, family run business.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else!” - John B, Wells
  • “Our guests’ plates are always empty and there’s never enough for cold meat on Boxing Day!  Excellent!” - Kate P, Warminster
  • “We’ve been buying farm fresh turkeys from Rob for nearly 30 years.  Reliable quality and succulent taste. Delicious!” - Paul D, West Pennard